Special Called Board of Regents Meeting - Board Retreat


University of Houston System
Special Called Board of Regents Meeting

DATE:      Saturday, October 13, 2012

TIME:      8:30 a.m.

PLACE:     Hilton University of Houston Hotel
                   Flamingo Room, Second Floor
                   4800 Calhoun
                   Houston, Texas 77204

Chair:             Nelda Luce Blair
Vice Chair:     Jarvis V. Hollingsworth
Secretary:      Tilman J. Fertitta   

Reconvene Board of Regents Meeting/Retreat  (continued from October 12, 2012)
**Complete BOR Retreat Package for 10/13/12 - 29 pages**

J.   Discussion of Duties and Responsibilities of the Board and the Association for Governing Board's Statement on External Influences – University of Houston System

Item:      BOR-J61

Action:   Information

Supporting Documentation:

K.   Board Roundtable Discussion on Tier One - University of Houston System

Item:    BOR-K85

Action:    Information

II.   Executive Session

1.   Section 551.071 – Consultation with System Attorneys

2.   Section 551.072 – Deliberations Concerning Purchase, Lease or Value of Real Property

3.   Section 551.073 – Deliberations about Negotiated Contracts for Prospective Gifts or Donations

4.   Section 551.074 – Personnel Matters, Including Appointment, Evaluation or Dismissal of Personnel

III.  Report and Action from Executive Session

IV.  Adjourn