Academic and Student Success Committee Meeting


University of Houston System Board of Regents
Academic and Student Success Committee Meeting

DATE:     Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TIME:     9:00 a.m.

PLACE:    Hilton University of Houston Hotel
                 Waldorf Astoria Ballroom E, Second Floor
                 4800 Calhoun
                  Houston, Texas  77204

Chair:           Jacob M. Monty
Vice Chair:  Roger F. Welder
Members:    Spencer D. Armour, IIi
                       Tamecia Glover Harris
                       Nelda Luce Blair, Ex Officio

 **Complete Committee Package - 51 pages**

A.   Call to Order

B.   Approval of Committee Minutes:

  • August 16, 2011, Academic and Student Success Committee Meeting

C.   Approval of the conversion of the University of Houston System at Sugar Land into a University of Houston teaching center that offers programs from component universities within the UH System.  The new name for the center will be the University of Houston Sugar Land Campus – University of Houston System

Item:   A&SS – C1

Action:  Approval

Supporting Documentation:

  • University of Houston Program Expansion and Campus Initiative in Sugar Land and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Administrative Change Request (C-2-C-8)

D.   Approval of Bachelor of Arts  in Spanish Degree at the University of Houston-Victoria  – University of Houston-Victoria

Item:    A&SS – D9

Action:   Approval

Supporting Documentation:

E.   Approval of the Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance Degree at the University of Houston-Victoria - University of Houston-Victoria

Item:    A&SS – E13

Action:   Approval

Supporting Documentation:

F.   Approval of Master of Arts in Sport and Fitness Administration Degree at the University of Houston – University of Houston

Item:    A&SS – F17

Action:   Approval

Supporting Documentation:

G.   Approval of Master of Science in Global Retailing Degree at the University of Houston – University of Houston

Item:    A&SS – G20

Action:   Approval

Supporting Doucmentation:

H.   Student Success Initiative: University of Houston Simplification of Tuition and Fees – University of Houston

Item:    A&SS – H24

Action:   Information

Supporting Documentation:

I.   Presentation on Experiential Learning through Research – University of Houston System

Item:    A&SS – I27

Action:   Information

Supporting Documention:

  • Hamza Hallal - Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow - Visual Processing Research Project Presentation (A&SS-I28-I36)
    Iris Edelen - Honors Colelge, Senior Management Major and medicine & Society Minor - High School: Liberal Arts & Science Academy in Austin, TX Presentation  (I-37-I-47)

J.   Introduction of the New Executive Director and General Manager of Houston Public Media at the University of Houston – University of Houston

Item:    A&SS – J48

Action:   Information

Supporting Documentation:

  • Biographical Sketch - Lisa Trapani Shumate (F&A-J49)

K.   Adjourn