Endowment Management Committee Meeting


University of Houston System
Endowment Management Committee Meeting

DATE:    Tuesday, February 14, 2012

TIME:    1:30 p.m.

PLACE:  Hilton University of Houston Hotel
               Waldorf Astoria Ballroom E, Second Floor
               4800 Calhoun
               Houston, Texas 77204

Chair:             Mica Mosbacher
Vice Chair:     Jarvis V. Hollingsworth
Members:       Jacob M. Monty
                        Nelda Luce Blair, Ex Officio
Members:    Carroll Robertson Ray
                         Jim P. Wise

**Complete Committee Package - 45 pages**

A.   Call to Order

B.   Approval of Committee Minutes

  • November 15, 2011, Endowment Management Committee Meeting

Action:   Approval

C.   Approve the FY 2012 University Advancement Endowment Assessment Rate of 1.5% – University of Houston System

Item:    EM-C1  

Action:   Approval

D.   Report and Recommendations from Cambridge Associates Regarding Endowed and Non-Endowed Assets – University of Houston System

Item:    EM-D2

Action:   Information and/or Approval

E.   Approval to modify the UH System Endowment Fund Statement of Investment Objectives and Policies – University of Houston System

Item:    EM-E3

Action:   Approval

Supporting Documentation:

F.   Annual review and approval of the UH System Investment Policy for Non-Endowed Funds – University of Houston

Item:    EM-F24

Action:   Approval

Supporting Documentation:

G.   Approval is requested to delegate authority to the Chancellor to negotiate and execute a contract for the hiring of an investment manager for the University of Houston System Endowment Fund – University of Houston System

Item:    EM-G43

Action:   Approval

H.   Adjourn