Finance and Administration Committee Meeting


University of Houston System
Finance and Administration Committee Meeting

DATE:     Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TIME:     10:15 a.m.

PLACE:   Hilton University of Houston Hotel
                 Waldorf Astoria Ballroom E, Second Floor
                 4800 Calhoun
                 Houston, Texas  77204

Chair:           Jarvis V. Hollintsworth
Vice Chair:  Spencer D. Armour, III
Members:    Tilman J. Fertitta
                       Welcome W. Wilson, Jr.
                       Nelda Luce Blair, Ex Officio

**Complete Committee Package - 48 pages**

A.   Call to Order

B.   Approval of Committee Minutes

  • August 17, 2011 Finance and Administration Committee Meeting

C.   Re-approval of the budget and funding sources for the construction of the University of Houston-Clear Lake Student Services Building for a total budget of $39,694,103 - University of Houston-Clear Lake

Item:     F&A-C1

Action:   Approval

Supporting Documentation:

D.  Request for Approval of the purchase of Microsoft Site Licenses - University of Houston

Item:     F&A-D5

Action:   Approval

Supporting Documentation:

  • Explanation of Microsoft Licenses acquired through HiEd, Inc. (F&A-D6)

E.    Request for Approval of the Interagency Contract for Workers Compensation and Risk Management Services with the State Office of Risk Management - University of Houston

Item:     F&A-E7

Action:   Approval

Supporting Documentation:

  • State Office of Risk Management - FY2012 Assessment Summary (F&A-E8)

F.    Request for Approval of the annual purchase of programming from Public Broadcasting Services - University of Houston

Item:    F&A-F9

Action:   Approval

Supporting Documentation:

G.   Overview of growth of licenses and costs undre Oracle America - University of Houston

Item:    F&A-G11

Action:   Information

Supporting Documentation:

  • Explanation of UHS Oracle America Commitments (F&A-G12)

H.   Presentation of the Preliminary Fiscal Year 2011 University of Houston System Annual Financial Report Summary - University of Houston System

Item:    F&A-H13

Action:   Information

Supporting Documentation:

I.   Student Success Initiative: University of Houston Simpllification of Tuition and Fees - University of Houston

Item:    F&A-I24

Action:  Information

Supporting Documentation:

  • University of Houston Proposed Consolidation of Undergraduate Tuition and Fees (F&A-I25-I26)

J.   Presentatioin of University of Houston System Purchasing Process - University of Houston System

Item:    F&A-J27

Action:   Information

Supporting Documentation:

  • Series of Charts on UH System Procurement Process; Flow Chart on Non-Construction Procurement Process; UH System Purchasing Guidelines (F&A-J28-J46)

K.   Adjourn