SAMs Under Review

The following table displays those SAMs that are currently under review.  These include proposed changes to current SAMs and proposed new SAMs.

Status Notes:

"SME Review" = 5 working day period for policy's Subject Matter Expert(s) to review comments received during Campus Review and make changes, as appropriate, before Executive Review commences 

"Executive Review" = 20 working day period for UHS executives to review and respond with changes

"ON HOLD" = pulled by Subject Matter Expert(s)  


# Policy Name Department/Division Status
01.A.01 Creating and Maintaining System Policies Compliance and Ethics Executive Review
01.B.08 Project Management Fees Facilities Management and Construction Executive Review
01.B.09 Capital Facilities Life Cycle Renewal Facilities Management and Construction ON HOLD
01.C.01 Risk Management Risk Management Executive Review
01.C.07 Safety Administration Risk Management ON HOLD
01.C.12 Animals on University Campuses Risk Management Executive Review to Remove Interim Status
01.F.02 Purchasing Approval and Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Public Safety Executive Review
01.G.02 Sponsored Research Agency Project Reporting Requirements on Harassment and Sexual Assault Research and Technology Transfer Executive Review
02.A.06 Reduction in Force of Regular Staff Employees Human Resources Executive Review
02.A.18 Probationary Period for Regular Staff Employees Human Resources Executive Review
02.A.21 Nepotism Human Resources Executive Review
02.A.41 Employee Training Program Human Resources Executive Review
02.B.06 Authorized Categories of Non-Exempt Compensation Human Resources Executive Review
02.C.02 Supplemental Retirement Programs Human Resources ON HOLD
03.A.05 Contract Administration Finance Executive Review to Remove Interim Status
03.A.28 Tax-Exempt Bond Post-Issuance Compliance Finance Executive Review
03.A.32 Specialized Service Facilities Finance Executive Review
03.B.01 Purchasing Guidelines Finance Executive Review
03.D.04 Check Distribution Finance Executive Review
03.D.06 Taxable Fringe Benefits UH Tax Department Executive Review
03.F.04 Cash Handling Finance Executive Review
03.G.02 Agency Funds Finance Executive Review to Remove Interim Status
04.A.01 Audit by External Auditors Audit Executive Review