ITLS 2018 Keynote

Maria H. Andersen, PhD

CEO, Coursetune

Dr. Andersen has spent 14 years teaching at the college level, 16 years writing curriculum, and 6 years developing digital products for learning. She built iPad games to teach algebra, launched the Canvas Network MOOC platform, taught a MOOC on Social Media, built adaptive learning platforms used by McGraw Hill, and worked as the Director of Learning Design for WGU. Maria is a software developer and CEO of coursetune, an educational consultant, an author, a speaker, and a learning futurist. She holds degrees in Math, Chemistry, Biology, Business Administration, and Higher Education Leadership.

Surviving and Thriving in the Age of Technology-Enhanced Learning

With every new iteration of technology, we create generations of students whose primary media "language" for learning and interacting with the world is different than the generation before it. In the last five years, technologies like online homework, personalized learning software, mobile devices, learning analytics, OER, and MOOCs have been chipping away at the corners of higher education and traditional teaching. Technology-enhanced learning is here to stay and it will alter formal education, like it or not. This is a guide to navigating and thriving in this new world and preparing yourself and students for what is to come.

WORKSHOP: Learning is Not a Spectator Sport

The goal of the workshop is to help faculty to connect with research around effective learning experiences in a way that helps them shift the paradigm between what they have experienced and what they actually need to do in the classroom. Spoon-feeding of content is what students tend to desire but it is not good for long-term retention. Effective learning needs to include varied practice, productive failure, interleaving of concepts, and intentional design of interaction into learning. These learning techniques are a hard sell for students, but it can be done and this workshop will help faculty to learn some strategies to get started.

The workshop will focus on three areas in particular:

  • Research on interaction and impasse and the practical applications of this research

  • Research on productive failure and best practices from the game design industry around creating challenge and curiosity in learning

  • Principles from cognitive science around durable learning practices including spaced repetition, interleaving of concepts, varied practice, and schema formation

The Innovative Teaching and Learning Symposium, a joint venture for all four UH System Universities (UH, UH-Downtown, UH-Clear Lake, and UH-Victoria), is designed to bring together individuals interested in the review and evaluation of emerging technologies. We are interested in interactive sessions for workshops, discovery sessions, information sessions, and hands-on demonstrations that engage and inform participants.

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