University of Houston System Branding

The University of Houston System logo and seal are official symbols of the UH System, these logotypes cannot be manipulated, modified or appended in any way. They may not be placed next to or combined with any other text, image, logo or any other organization’s logo. Official logos may not be depicted in any other color other than the approved red/grey (depicted below), black, or white options. Official University of Houston System business units may request a new logo suite or an update to a current logo suite by contacting  branding@uh.edu

Use of the official UH System seal is limited to the Board of Regents and Chancellor's Office. Doing so helps retain the seals’ integrity for official executive communications.

Any University of Houston System employees creating stationery or materials must use the UHS system logo, not the UHS Seal. If you have any questions, please contact branding@uh.edu.