College/Division Departmental Reviews

At the request of UH management, the Internal Auditing Department conducts reviews of Colleges and Divisions approximately every five years. The primary objective of this review is to assess the effectiveness of the College or Division in fulfilling its financial and administrative responsibilities, and the primary method used is the Departmental Review. These reviews are included in the Internal Audit Plan which is approved by the Board of Regents.

Departmental Reviews are designed to be a quick method to assess the administrative, financial, and business operations of an area. Prior to the review, departments are asked to complete a Self-Assessment questionnaire that covers fifteen administrative areas. Reviews are conducted by discussing the Self-Assessment with the auditee to obtain additional information regarding departmental processes, and requesting supporting documentation to validate their assertions. The documentation is then reviewed to assure that the department is in compliance with University policies. Noted below are links to the Departmental Review Self-Assessment for each campus. This item is completed prior to the scheduled site visit.


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