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(American, b. 1983)

  • Forms from Life, 2019

Text Transcript: Forms from Life

Hi my name is TYPOE, and this series that I created for this show is titled Forms from Life.

It's based off of children's building blocks, and I really wanted to enlarge them, so they're more structural and almost more representative of architecture. The concept is sort of questioning how we're building the world around us. If you notice looking at the colorful fun shapes, they sort of engage you in a way to walk through, walk around, sit on, and sort of play and interact with the space around you.

If you notice on one of the columns, there is a black raven, and that's something that is referencing death that I think is a really interesting play on sort of knowing what our end point is and utilizing that as a strong point to embrace life now, and embrace joy, and love and family and friends and sort of challenging ourselves.

Painted aluminum
Courtesy of the artist
Location: Ezekiel W. Cullen Building

TYPOE created this installation of Forms from Life specifically for Color Field. This grouping of minimalist shapes resembles enlarged building blocks, and are inspired by the design ethos of Ettore Sottsass, founder of the Memphis Design Group. The invitation for viewer interactivity is influenced by public parks designed by Isamu Noguchi. Forms from Life are a reference to how the foundational information we learn as children informs our understanding of the world, and how interacting with others to create meaning can dramatically shape our lives.

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