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The University of Houston offers an array of online courses for undergraduate degree completion, graduate degree, and certificate programs.

For a complete list of all online program options, see the list below.

U Undergraduate Degree Completion Programs
G Graduate Degree Programs
C Certificate Programs/Certifications

College of Business

  1. Corporate Entrepreneurship (Undergraduate certificate)
  2. Management and Leadership (M.S.)

College of Education

  1. Curriculum and Instruction - Early Childhood Education (M.Ed.)
  2. Curriculum and Instruction - Health Science Education (M.Ed.)
  3. Curriculum and Instruction - Learning, Design, and Technology (M.Ed.)
  4. Curriculum and Instruction - Mathematics Education (M.Ed.)
  5. Curriculum and Instruction - Professional Leadership (Ed.D.), Literacy Education Emphasis
  6. Curriculum and Instruction - Professional Leadership (Ed.D.), Social Studies/Social Education Emphasis
  7. Curriculum and Instruction - Reading, Language Arts, and Literature Education (M.Ed.)
  8. Designing and Developing Educational Multimedia (Graduate certificate)
  9. Higher Education (M.Ed.)
  10. Integrating Innovative Technologies in Health Science Education (Graduate certificate)
  11. Online Teaching and Learning (Graduate certificate)
  12. Special Populations - Gifted & Talented (M.Ed.)
  13. Special Populations - Special Education (M.Ed.)

College of Engineering

  1. Advanced Subsea Engineering (Graduate certificate)
  2. Civil Engineering (M.S.)
  3. Corrosion Control and Management (Graduate certificate)
  4. Corrosion Engineering (Graduate certificate)
  5. Data Analytics for Condition and Performance Monitoring of Engineered Systems (Graduate certificate)
  6. Electrical Engineering - Power and Energy Systems (M.S.E.E.)
  7. Engineering Management (M.S.)
  8. Global Climate, Energy and Environment (Graduate certificate)
  9. Mechanical Engineering (M.M.E.)
  10. Mechanical Engineering (M.S.)
  11. Petroleum Engineering (M.Pet.E.)
  12. Power Electronics and Renewable Energy Technologies (Graduate certificate)
  13. Power Systems and Smart Grid (Graduate certificate)
  14. Process Safety Engineering (Graduate certificate)
  15. Subsea Engineering (Graduate certificate)
  16. Subsea Engineering (M.S.)

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

  1. African American Studies (Graduate certificate)
  2. Nutrition (M.S.)
  3. Psychology (B.A.)
  4. Psychology (B.S.)
  5. Sport and Fitness Operations Management (Graduate certificate)

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

  1. Mathematics (M.A.)

College of Nursing

  1. Nursing (RN to B.S.N.)
  2. Nursing - Administration (M.S.N.)
  3. Nursing Administration (Graduate certificate)

College of Technology

  1. Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing Architecture (certificate)
  2. Apparel Merchandising (Undergraduate certificate)
  3. Construction Management (M.S.)
  4. Construction Management (Undergraduate certificate)
  5. Cybersecurity (M.S.)
  6. E-Tailing (Undergraduate certificate)
  7. Engineering Technology - Biotechnology (M.S.
  8. Engineering Technology - Computational Health Informatics (M.S.)
  9. Engineering Technology - Mechanical Engineering Technology (M.S.)
  10. Engineering Technology - Network Communication (M.S.)
  11. Executive Master's - Human Resource Development (M.S.)
  12. Foresight (M.S.)
  13. Foresight (Post-baccalaureate/graduate certificate)
  14. Global Retailing (M.S.)
  15. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training
  16. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training
  17. Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training
  18. Retail Organizations (Undergraduate certificate)
  19. Retail Promotion (Undergraduate certificate)
  20. Retailing and Consumer Science (B.S.)
  21. Retailing and Consumer Science (Undergraduate certificate)
  22. Technology Entrepreneurship (Undergraduate certificate)
  23. Transmedia Marketing

Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management

  1. Hospitality Management (M.H.M.)

Graduate College of Social Work

  1. Social Work (M.S.W.)

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