Student Pathways

The University of Houston System Student Pathways Program is designed to make all UH System institutions accessible to all first-time degree seeking undergraduate UH System students.  This initiative supports the University of Houston System’s goal of providing greater access to UHS students and will enable students to progress more quickly toward the completion of their degrees at their home institutions by taking advantage of course opportunities that may be more available or convenient at one of the other UH System institutions.

Who qualifies and how many courses can a student complete?

  • Through the UHS Student Pathways program, first-time degree seeking undergraduate students enrolled at any of the four UH System universities, with the approval of their academic departments, are able to take up to six hours of courses toward their degree, at any of the UH system universities.
    • The courses may be taken during a single semester or in two different semesters. Currently, the program allows for a maximum of 6 hours during the student's academic career and the courses must apply to the student's degree at the home institution.

Step by step process:

  1. The interested student should research the course offerings at the other three UH System universities.
  2. Then connect with their academic advisor to secure approval and to confirm if the located course would be applicable to their current degree program requirements. 
  3. After the course is confirmed; the student should complete the UHS Pathways Application (linked below) and then provide the signed form to their academic advisor along with proof of the pre-requisite(s) being completed if the course has pre-requisites listed
  4. The advisor will then complete their portion, and then secure a signature from the Associate Dean, Assistant Dean, or Dean to ensure Residency Policy will not be a concern for graduating seniors.
  5. The advisor will then route the completed form along with the pre-requisite proof to the Pathways Coordinator at the home Institution.
  6. The UHS Pathways Coordinator will then verify residency for tuition purposes and then route the completed form to the UHS Pathways Coordinator at the host Institution.
  7. After enrollment is confirmed in the selected course(s), the student is then responsible for paying for the course(s) or making payment arrangements by the deadline posted at the host Institution.
    • Students utilizing Veteran Benefits may be able to utilize their benefits to cover the host costs depending on the type of benefits. Students must check with the Veteran staff at the host institution to determine eligibility and actions needed.
    • Students utilizing Financial Aid (grants, loans, or scholarships) at their home institution must make independent arrangements for payment of enrollment expenses at the host institution.  The students home institution is NOT able pay the students tuition at the host institution. However if utilizing Financial Aid then a consortium agreement may be completed and the host enrollment hours can be counted toward the students overall enrollment total at the home institution. It is ultimately the student’s responsibility to pay tuition and fee costs at host institution.
  8. There is no pathways application fee, and all university services at both the home and the host institution are available to students during the semesters in which they are enrolled in the program.
  9. Upon completion of the semester, Academic Records will run a query to find Pathways students enrolled for that semester and submit the electronic official transcript request via SPEEDE to the students home institution.

Participation in the Pathways Program does not waive academic requirements, and it does not guarantee seats in the courses. It only creates an opportunity for the eligible pathway participants to enroll in the approved course(s) during the Open Registration period at the host institution.

To apply for the program, please complete the UH System Student Pathways Program Application.

Student UHS Pathways Officials:

University of Houston

Dr. Patrick Lukingbeal
Executive Director, Integrated Enrollment Services
(713) 743-5365
UH Class Schedule

University of Houston Clear Lake

L. Kristi Rickman
Director for Academic Transfer Advising
(281) 283-2637
UHCL Class Schedule

University of Houston Victoria

Billy Lagal
Director, Admissions and Student Recruitment
(361) 570-4865
UHV Class Schedule

University of Houston Downtown

Brian Blackwell
Contact Center, Manager
UHD Class Schedule