UHS - Board of Regents

Welcome to the Board of Regents web page. The Board of Regents is the governing body of the University of Houston System (University of Houston, University of Houston-Clear Lake, University of Houston-Downtown, University of Houston-Victoria, UH System at Cinco Ranch, UH Sugar Land, KUHT Television, and KUHF Radio).

The Board of Regents is composed of nine regular members (chair, vice chair, secretary, and six members) and a student regent. Every two years, the Governor of the State of Texas, subject to Senate confirmation, appoints three members to the Board of Regents. Each regular member serves a six-year term.

In addition, the student regent, who has the same powers and duties as the members of the board of regents, does not vote or considered as part of a quorum. The student regent serves a one-year term beginning on June 1 of each year.

Board responsibilities include: preserving institutional independence and defending each UH System component university’s right to manage its own affairs through its chosen administrators and employees; enhancing each university’s public image; interpreting the community to each of the universities and the universities to the community; nurturing each university so that each may achieve its full potential within its role and mission; and providing policy direction, insisting on clarity of focus and mission, to each of the universities.

Additional responsibilities of the board are listed in the bylaws of the Board of Regents.

The support staff of the board includes Executive Director, Micah J. Glenn, Ph.D. and Manager, Celina Sandoval

University of Houston System
Board of Regents Office
128 Ezekiel Cullen Building
4302 University Drive
Houston, TX 77204-6001

Telephone: 832-842-3444
Fax: 713-743-3495
Board email: regent@central.uh.edu