Board of Regents Priorities

Academic Excellence

To achieve status of excellence as a learning center through teaching reputation, classroom excellence, and becoming a provider of choice for employer recruitment;

To continue research achievements; and

To maximize student enrollment, retention, graduation, and subsequent successful entry into the educated work force.

Effective and Efficient Administration

To become an education and research institution managed by an effective and efficient administration inspiring confidence and trust;

To become "Client Friendly" in our delivery of education and research; and

To create an environment fostering communication, coordination and collaboration among students, faculty, administration and community constituencies.

Community Relevance

To become more proactive in blending higher education with community service; and

To maximize UHS relevance to multiple constituencies within the Greater Houston Metropolitan area and the Upper Gulf Coast region.


To position UHS as a leader in the dynamic and challenging environment of a metropolitan university system; and

To establish quality benchmarks, compatible with national and international standards of excellence, for a public research university system.