Code of Ethics

57.01 Code of Ethics

57.01.1 All members of the board and all employees of the System and its component universities shall adhere to the highest ethical standards of conduct reflected in state law and board policies.

57.01.2 The System code of ethics is comprised of the following components:

     A. Statutory Standards of Conduct for State Employees, Section 572.051, Texas Government Code;

     B. the following Board policies:

         a) Academic Freedom (21.03)

         b) Sexual Harassment (29.02)

         c) Governmental Appearances (81.01)

         d) Consulting and Paid Professional Service (57.02)

         e) Dual Office Holding (57.04)

         f) Nepotism (57.07)

         g) Conflicts of Interest (57.08)

57.01.3 All members of the Board and employees of the System and its component universities shall be furnished a copy of the laws and policies comprising the code of ethics at the time of employment or commencement of service and at the start of each academic year and shall receive training on such laws and policies.

57.01.4 All members of the Board shall annually sign conflict of interest certification statements affirming their compliance with their official oath and specific provisions of Texas statutes related to ethical behavior.

57.01.5 Each officer or employee of the System and of the component universities is expected to obey all federal, state, and local laws and is subject to disciplinary action for a violation of those laws.  

(Policy last reviewed 08/24/17)