Construction Contracts and Forms

Design and Construction Contract Forms

The following contracts are designated as model contracts.  Model contracts are agreements that have not been designated as standard contracts, but are examples of good drafting and treatment of a given subject matter. A contract based on a model contract must be approved by OGC before execution. However, the use of model contracts should expedite OGC’s approval in most instances.

Agreement for Job Order Contracting Services (OGC-S-2010-15) – Form used for the engagement of contractors to provide construction services in accordance with Tex. Educ. Code §51.784.

Continuing Services Agreement (OGC-S-2013-04) – This contract form serves as a master agreement for provision of services for construction-related disciplines on an as-needed basis.  Example disciplines include, but are not limited to:

  • Architecture
  • Asbestos and Other Environmental Remediation Services
  • Building Envelopment Waterproofing Design and Engineering Services
  • Commissioning
  • Construction Auditing
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Facility Assessments
  • Facility Programming
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Land Surveying
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Materials Testing
  • Roof Inspections
  • Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing

Each Continuing Services Agreement includes a scope of services specific to the contracted discipline.  Please contact OGC for copies of existing scope of services which may require further revision.

Contract for Professional Services (OGC-S-1999-23) – Currently under revision; Please contact OGC if you are need of this type of agreement.

Construction Manager-at-Risk Agreement (OGC-S-2013-01) – Form used on construction projects delivered by the construction manager-at-risk delivery method in accordance with Tex. Educ. Code §51.782.

Owner-Architect Project Agreement (OGC-S-2010-10) – Form used for engaging an architect to design a project in accordance with Tex. Educ. Code Chapter 2254. 

Owner-Contractor Agreement (OGC-S-2010-14) – Form used for construction projects procured with a complete design.

The following documents are standard forms and are either incorporated by reference, required by, or executed pursuant to one or more of the model contracts listed above:

Additional Services Requisition (add) for Construction Manager at Risk Agreement (OGC-S-2013-03) – Form used to authorize additional preconstruction services on Construction Manager-at-Risk Agreement.

Change Order Form (FP&C) (OGC-S-2011-04) – Change order form used for projects managed by FP&C.

Change Order Form (FM) (OGC-S-2013-16) – This change order form is utilized on construction projects managed by Facilities Management.

Change Order Form (UHCL) (OGC-S-2011-11) – This change order form is utilized on projects managed by UHCL.

Change Order Form - Continuation Sheet (FP&C) (OGC-S-2013-07) – Continuation sheet available for use (if needed) along with the change order form utilized on construction projects managed by Facilities Planning and Construction.

Construction Manager-At-Risk GMP Agreement (OGC-S-2013-06) – This form is used to authorize construction work on a Construction Manager-at-Risk Agreement.

Design Change Authorization (OGC-S-2012-01) – This form used to change and/or add services on an existing Owner Architect Agreement.

General Conditions Line Items and Cost Breakdown (OGC-S-2012-04) – This form is an exhibit within a Construction Manager-at-Risk Agreement.

Job Order Form (OGC-S-1999-24) – Form used to issue job orders under an Agreement for Job Order Contracting Services.

Payment Bond (OGC-S-2011-07) – Payment bonds are required on all public work contracts when the construction contract exceeds $25,000 pursuant to Tex. Gov’t Code §2253.021.

Performance Bond (OGC-S-2011-08) – Performance bonds are required on all public work contracts when the construction contract exceeds $100,000 pursuant to Tex. Gov’t Code §2253.021.

Security Bond (OGC-S-2011-09) – Security bonds may be required construction contracts being delivered via construction manager-at-risk pursuant to Tex. Educ. Code §51.782(m).

Uniform General Conditions

Supplemental General and Special Conditions (UHD OGC-S-2004-03)

Supplemental General and Special Conditions (UHS OGC-S-2004-06)