Office of Contract Administration

Contract Administration, a department of the Office of the General Counsel, provides legal and administrative services regarding contracts and contract-related issues to the University of Houston System and its component universities. Our office provides many services intended to help ensure that contracts entered into on behalf of the University comply with University policies and applicable federal and state laws and regulations. These services include developing and maintaining standard contract forms, reviewing and negotiating agreements, providing contract training, and assisting in the resolution of contract disputes.  The University's Contract Management Handbook should be consulted for all contract matters, including checklists, dollar thresholds, policies, and procedures. The handbook can be found here at this link - OCA Contract Management Handbook

In addition to the Contract Management Handbook linked above, Contract Administration has created the following Contract Administration Guide, which provides contract administration and management procedures binding upon all components of the University of Houston System Contract Administration Guide.  This Contract Administration Guide replaces the University of Houston’s MAPP 04.01.01A and is promulgated pursuant to the University of Houston SAM 03.A.05.

The Contract Administration website is primarily a resource for individuals involved with University contracts. This includes providing convenient access to relevant forms and information. If you have specific questions or comments, please contact our office.

Note - Although we are available to assist as needed, Contract Administration does not typically process:

  1. contracts for the procurement of goods, materials, and supplies that are normally procured by component university purchasing departments or delegated to other departments in accordance with System or component university policies; or
  2. contracts pertaining to Sponsored Research and/or intellectual property are funded by grants or other external funding sources. These are processed by the University of Houston Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) department in accordance with SAM 01.G.01 (Sponsored Research Activities) or 
  3. contracts pertaining to construction and real estate. These types of matters are processed directly by the Office of the General Counsel and are typically managed by or require involvement with (a) the University of Houston System’s Office of Real Estate Services or (b) the University of Houston System’s Facilities Construction/Management or a component institution’s facilities department.

Note -  All contracts valued at $1 million or more must include the Board of Regents' approval in the submission packet.  Furthermore, per state law, beginning January 1, 2016, all contracts valued at $1 million or more or that otherwise require Board approval require the contractor to complete an online Certificate of Interested Parties form (Form 1295) on the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) website. The UH Controller will ask the contractor to complete Form 1295 and notify the department when the form has been received and the contract can be signed.  The following is a flowchart related to the form. 

Additional information about Form 1295 is available on the Texas Ethics Commission website.