Signature Authority

The Texas Legislature has vested the organization and control of the University of Houston System (System) to the Board of Regents (Board).  In the Board's Policies, certain authorities are conferred upon the Chancellor of the System by the Board.  The Chancellor of the System services concurrently as the President of the University of Houston (UH), the largest component of the System, under the title Chancellor/President.

The Chancellor/President may delegate certain responsibilities to the other senior officers/designees, including the vice-chancellors/vice presidents/General Counsel; the University Presidents; the Director of Internal Auditing; and the VP Intercollegiate Athletics; by formally delegating authority in a published form.  In cases where the authority is delegated to multiple positions, the scope of that authority (with the exception of the execution of contracts as noted within the Delegations of Authority Table) extends only to the respective area of responsibility of each designee.  Where needed, required administrative prerequisites will be/are being updated to comply with the information present in the Delegations of Authority Table

The Chancellor/President delegates authority as shown in the delegations of authority table.  These delegations of authority may be modified (redelegated, rescinded, determined not to be needed) only at the discretion of the Chancellor/President.  All delegations are subject to and limited by (i) existing and/or future Board of Regent, the University of Houston System, and University policies, and (ii) approval of the Office of the General Counsel or its affiliated offices.

Vice Chancellor/Vice President Delegation of Authority Memorandum

College and Division Delegation of Authority Memorandum

Delegated Signatory Authority Table (Addendum A)