01.C.12 – Animals on University Campuses

Section: General Administration

Area: Risk Management 

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This document describes the University of Houston System's policy regarding animals on its university campuses and assigns responsibility for enforcing this policy.


2.1. The presence of animals at the university may pose a safety concern, which places the universities at risk of potential liability. Therefore, as a general rule animals are not allowed on campus. The exceptions to this policy are:

A. Service Animals, in compliance with SAM 01.D.12, Service Animals .

B. Emotional Support Animals, in compliance with SAM 01.D.11, Emotional Support Animals.

C. Research animals authorized by the university's animal care committee.

D. Animals specifically authorized to be on campus on a temporary basis for a university-sponsored event. Approval must be obtained through the university Risk Management department.

2.2. The universities should establish guidelines on their campuses for enforcing this policy.


Issued: 04/07/2008
Last Reviewed/Revised: 12/17/2021
Responsible Office(s): Finance