The University of Houston-Downtown Clery Compliance Program is managed by the University of Houston-Downtown Police Department, Casey J. Davis, Ph.D., Clery Compliance Officer | 713-221-8065 or Ext. 8065 | csa@uhd.edu. The University of Houston-Downtown Police Department (UHDPD) is committed to the safety and security of all UHD students, faculty, and staff where the mission is to provide a safe and secure environment for all UHD students, faculty, staff and visitors. UHDPD is committed to preserving the peace, preventing and detecting crime, enforcing the law and protecting the rights of all citizens. It is UHDPD’s goal to work very closely with all members of the University of Houston-Downtown family to ensure collective success. All officers are licensed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and have full authority to enforce federal, state, and local laws. In addition, officers are committed to a community oriented policing model that allows for the serving of university needs both on and around the campus.
The UHD Police Department provides comprehensive police services 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are located on the first floor of the One Main Building, suite N118. Click to view the Daily Crime Log.

University of Houston-Downtown Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

A physical copy of the UHD Annual Security and Fire Safety Report may be obtained by contacting the University of Houston Downtown Police Department at:

On-Campus Emergency: 713-221-8911
On-Campus Non-Emergency: 713-221-8065
Mailing Address:
Campus Police Department
University of Houston-Downtown
One Main Street, Suite N118
Houston, Texas 77002​

Or you can access a PDF version here:

Reporting a Clery Crime

All University of Houston-Downtown students, faculty and staff are encouraged to report all criminal and suspicious activity to the UHD Police Department in a timely manner. When you report a crime, you assist in possibly apprehending suspects or removing dangerous offenders from campus.

Signs of criminal and suspicious behavior include:

  • A person trying to enter a room or office without the proper access card
  • A person secretly running and looking about, as if he or she were being watched or followed
  • A person going door-to-door in an office building
  • A person entering a locked building or vehicle by force
  • Transactions conducted from vehicles on or near campus; you may be witnessing a sale of stolen property or an illegal drug sale
  • One or more persons furtively sitting in a parked car closely scanning the area
  • A person being forced into a vehicle against their will
  • A person exhibiting unusual mental or physical symptoms
  • Strange noises, including loud screams, gunshots, sounds of fighting or anything indicating foul play, danger or illegal activity​

Any individual can report a Clery Crime to the UHDPD or anonymously through the UHS Hotline Reporting System. 

Call the UHD Police Department​ at 713-221-8911

If you would rather remain anonymous while reporting a crime, or any other violation of campus compliance or ethics, the University of Houston-Downtown has made available the anonymous incident reporting system linked above.

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University of Houston-Downtown Clery Geography

Map of UH Downtown Clery Geography