01.C.03 – Reporting Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses

Section: General Administration

Area: Risk Management 

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A basic concern of the System as an employer is to prevent injuries to its employees. Successful accident prevention may eliminate preventable suffering and results in reductions in the cost of the Workers' Compensation program.


The University of Houston System is committed to maintaining a safe working environment that is free of hazardous conditions for all employees. However, when accidents occur, it is critical that employees suffering from a work-related injury or illness receive proper medical attention and benefits. Proper documentation must be completed and forwarded to the State Office of Risk Management so that compensation may be paid should the employee be temporarily or permanently disabled or benefits paid in case of death. Toward this end, the UH System shall develop and maintain a policy, and each university will establish procedures for the timely and thorough documentation of all employee work-related injuries and illnesses. The failure of an employee or supervisor to comply with university regulations may be grounds for disciplinary action.


3.1. The following constitutes the proper guidelines to follow in the event an employee is injured in the course and scope of employment:

a. Employees injured on the job must notify their supervisor(s) immediately. Employees must complete and submit to the appropriate supervisor an oral or written notification of injury or illness. The appropriate forms, which are found on the Risk Management website , should be completed by the Supervisor (or designated representative) within 24 hours of notice from the employee. The injured employee is to file the following four forms within 48 hours of injury: SORM 29 (Employee's report of injury), SORM 16 (Authorization for Release of Information), SORM 80 (Employee election form), and the Workers Compensation Network Acknowledgement form.

b. Employees should seek medical treatment if necessary to overcome the effects of such injury or illness. Employees must keep their supervisor(s) and Workers' Compensation claims coordinator advised of their medical status, lost time from work, and their ability to return to work.

c. Initial care may be sought at any emergency room or urgent care facility. All subsequent treatment must be at the direction of a network approved treating doctor. This treating doctor will be the gatekeeper of all follow up treatment for the duration of the claim. A list of approved network physicians to choose from may be found on the System Risk Management website under the Find a Health Care Network Provider link.

3.2. Each university will establish procedures and designate individuals responsible to comply with the rules and regulations as published by the State Office of Risk Management .


Texas Worker's Compensation Act – Texas Labor Code, Title 5

State Office or Risk Management (SORM) Claims Coordinator Handbook for Texas State Agencies


Issued: 09/04/1990
Last Reviewed/Revised: 11/30/2021
Responsible Office(s): Finance