01.G.01 – Sponsored Research Activities

Section: General Administration

Area: Research

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Each University of Houston System university is responsible for all activities related to the acquisition and management of sponsored (extramural) research awards. This includes adherence to sponsor guidelines and compliance with sponsor regulations. This document sets forth the requirements that are needed to comply with these regulations.


2.1. University: Any university of the System not including the System Administration in accordance with Board policy 01.02 B .

2.2. Sponsored Research Activities: Those activities that support the preparation and submission of sponsored project proposals, the administration and closeout of sponsored project contracts and grants, and the compliance with sponsor regulations.


3.1. The System is responsible for complying with sponsor guidelines and regulations, including any and all regulations promulgated by federal and state funding agencies and associated legislative bodies. The System shall enact policies, as are necessary and proper, to comply with such regulations, including those related to financial and other conflicts of interest and requirements to ensure a tobacco-free workplace in locations where sponsor-funded research is conducted.

3.2. Each university must have an officer whose primary responsibility is the submission of proposals, acceptance of awards, and administration of sponsored projects. This officer will be responsible for compliance with applicable federal, state and sponsor specific regulations related to the performance of sponsored project awards. The System Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology Transfer is responsible for providing universities with training, guidance, and interpretations regarding sponsor guidelines and regulations to help ensure compliance.

3.3. Training via the University of Houston Research Administration Certification Program is required for all System staff that are responsible for implementing the policies described above in Section 3. The Chief Research Officer (minimum title Director) at each university will be responsible for determining who from their university will be required to attend the certification program.


Issued: 05/25/2005
Last Reviewed/Revised: 01/05/2022
Responsible Office(s): Research Administration