02.A.25 – Termination Clearance Guidelines

Section: Human Resources

Area: General

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This document defines an organized method of processing terminations of employees leaving the University of Houston System that complies with state regulations governing property management and prevents the sometimes unintentional failure of the terminating employees to return university property. This process encourages the completion of the documents necessary to facilitate the terminating employee's choices regarding benefit matters and allows the university to gain from valuable information acquired from the terminating employee during the exit counseling session.

This document applies to all employees, except temporary and student employees.


It is the policy of the System to provide termination and clearance procedures for all employees who terminate employment to facilitate appropriate personnel record documentation, assure exit counseling regarding the specifics of the termination process, provide benefits counseling, and to guarantee the collection of all university property.


3.1. The System encourages employees to submit a written notice of voluntary resignation or retirement to the immediate supervisor at least two weeks prior to the effective date of termination, stating the reason(s) for the resignation. A copy of the original notice of resignation or retirement shall be forwarded to the university's human resources department for inclusion in the employee's official personnel file.

3.2. It is the employee's responsibility to take the actions listed below on or before the last day of work in accordance with component university procedures. In cases where an employee is dismissed involuntarily, it is the supervisor's responsibility to ensure compliance with the following actions to the greatest degree possible:

a. Return all tools, uniforms, equipment, credit cards, manuals, and other university property in his/her possession to the supervisor.

b. Return university identification cards.

c. Return all keys to offices and/or buildings.

d. Return all library materials.

e. Settle all financial matters and/or indebtedness to the component university.

f. Pay any outstanding parking tickets and return parking access cards.

g. Contact the university human resources benefits section to receive information regarding benefits.

h. Return all computer equipment (laptops, etc.) and remove all university-owned/licensed software from personal devices. Remove any personal files or personal e-mail messages from university information resources.

i. Provide his/her supervisor with access to the employee's university business data files (including university-related e-mail messages sent to or from the employee) and enable an out of office message on the employee's e-mail and voice mailboxes with designated university contact information for business continuity purposes.

3.3. Failure to return university property or the removal of university property may be construed as theft and appropriate legal action may be taken if the property cannot be recovered.

3.4. Upon notification of an individual resigning or terminating employment, it is the supervisor's responsibility to inform the employee of the termination clearance process. The supervisor must also assure the security of the university's information systems by verifying access to university business data handled by the employee and notifying the university Information Security Officer of any information security risks associated with the employee's departure.

3.5. A termination Electronic Personnel Action Request (ePAR) form will be submitted to the university human resources department prior to the end of the payroll processing period in accordance with the university payroll calendar.

3.6. An exit interview may be conducted at the time of an employee's termination for cause, resignation, or retirement. Each university's human resources department will establish an exit interview process to inform the employee of all rights, benefits and options and to afford the employee the opportunity to discuss his/her overall experience at the component university.

3.7. When appropriate, arrangements may be made for the employee to collect personal belongings under supervision and then to be escorted from the building.

3.8. A terminating employee may request a meeting with a benefits representative to discuss insurance conversion, where appropriate, and to receive information about continuation of group insurance benefits. The benefits representative will assist any terminating employee desiring to deactivate the Teacher Retirement System, Optional Retirement Program, or Tax Deferred Annuity or to obtain information pertaining to eligibility for retirement from the System. The employee may exercise the option to contribute to the sick leave pool prior to termination.

3.9. In the event of an employee's death, procedures in effect at the employing university will be followed to process any claims with the employee's designated beneficiary or the employee's estate.

3.10. A regular, non-probationary staff employee who is dismissed for cause will be advised of his/her rights to a post-dismissal hearing.

3.11. Each university's human resources department will establish detailed procedures for the administration of this policy.

3.12. The policy of the University of Houston System and its universities is to ensure equal opportunity in all its educational programs and activities, and all terms and conditions of employment without regard to age, race, color, disability, religion, national origin, veteran's status, genetic information, or sex (including pregnancy), except where such a distinction is required by law. Additionally, UH System prohibits discrimination in all aspects of employment and educational programs on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. For the UH System's Official Non-Discrimination Statement, see SAM.01.D.05 – Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Statement .



Issued: 11/04/1994
Last Reviewed/Revised: 09/03/2019
Responsible Office(s): Human Resources