02.A.32 – Labor Unions

Section: Human Resources

Area: General

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The purpose of this administrative memorandum is to state the position of the University of Houston System regarding labor unions.


Labor union. Any organization in which employees participate that exists in whole or in part to deal with one or more employers concerning grievances, labor disputes, wages, hours of employment or working conditions.


3.1. Texas Government Code Chapter 617, Section 617.002 et. seq., prohibits the University of Houston System from entering into a collective bargaining agreement with a labor organization or recognizing a labor organization as the bargaining agent for its employees.

3.2. Texas Government Code Section 617.004 et. seq., specifies that an individual may not be denied employment because of their membership or non-membership in a labor union.


4.1. Universities of the University of Houston System will not deny employment to an applicant because of membership or non-membership in a labor union. The System will not require employees or applicants to become union members or cease union membership as a condition of employment.

4.2. According to state law, state employees are not allowed to strike. Employees who strike forfeit reemployment rights, and any other rights, benefits or privileges which they enjoy as a result of their public employment or prior public employment.


Issued: 01/25/1996
Last Reviewed/Revised: 10/07/2021
Responsible Office(s): Finance