02.B.04 – Salary Guidelines for Staff Positions

Section: Human Resources

Area: Compensation

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1.1. The primary objective of staff salary policies of the University of Houston System is to assist in attracting, retaining, and motivating qualified employees.

1.2. The recognition of meritorious performance should be the dominant consideration in salary reviews and adjustments.

1.3. The guidelines that follow apply to the University of Houston System staff personnel and provide a general framework for salary determination processes at university.


2.1. Decisions on all salary adjustments must be implemented in accordance with legislative requirements.

2.2. Funds available for salary adjustment pools can be determined during budget preparation or identified from operational savings generated during the year. Normally, salary adjustments are awarded on an annual basis and may be awarded midyear at the option of the chief executive officer at each university.

2.3. Salary adjustments made on September 1 shall be developed in conjunction with the annual operating budget preparation and shall be approved by the Board as a part of the annual Plan and Budget document.

2.4. Midyear salary adjustments shall allocate previously budgeted merit and equity pools or budgeted funds generated at the departmental level. Midyear salary adjustments shall be approved by the Board at the meeting prior to the effective date of the adjustment in the format of the annual Plan and Budget document.

2.5. All universities of the University of Houston System must have written procedures for annual evaluation of the employee's performance, merit salary adjustments, and salary adjustments based on equity.

2.6. Salary guidelines applicable to state-supported activities will apply uniformly to salaries funded from auxiliaries, restricted funds, and local funds to the extent that resources from each of those sources are available.

2.7. Definitions of allowable salary adjustments:

a. Merit: recognition of performance.

b. Promotion: advancement with a defined career path.

c. Assignment: increases or decreases in the scope of responsibility and authority.

d. Equity: adjustments to correct or alleviate a significantly negative pay rate relationship to the external market or a significant internal pay inequity.


Merit increases awarded at the beginning of the fiscal year or midyear must be within budget guidelines and must be based upon assessment of each employee's performance in accordance with university or system administration procedures.


Salary adjustments on dates other than September 1 or midyear are permitted only as exceptions to the general principle of these guidelines. Examples of exceptions include:

4.1. Employees who complete an initial probationary employment period during a fiscal year may be considered for appropriate salary adjustment according to approved personnel and payroll policies and procedures;

4.2. Employees who have a change in job status or assigned duties which warrants adjustment in salary;

4.3. Employees who transfer from one university of the University of Houston System to another, and who then occupy a different position for which the salary scale provides another level of compensation; or

4.4. Employees who are entitled to an equity salary adjustment on the basis of the definition in Section 2.7.d.


Issued: 05/11/1992
Last Reviewed/Revised: 05/27/2021
Responsible Office(s): Human Resources