02.F.07 – Direct Deposit of Salaries

Section: Human Resources

Area: Payroll

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This administrative memorandum states policy regarding the direct deposit of employees' salaries.


2.1. The requirement for direct deposit applies to all employees who are paid through the University of Houston System payroll office.

2.2. All university employees are required to have direct deposit and enter their direct deposit information in People Advantage Self Service (P.A.S.S.) or sign up for a pay card administered by a financial institution appointed by the System. Employees who are unable to enter their direct deposit in P.A.S.S. may seek assistance from the university human resources/payroll office.


3.1. The university human resources department will provide procedures for direct deposit to new employees at the time new hire paperwork is completed.

3.2. On regular and subsequent paydays, employees may print the earnings statement portion of their paycheck from P.A.S.S.

3.3. Employees are responsible for contacting the financial institution directly to confirm the deposit to their account prior to expending the funds. Although financial institutions normally make deposited pay available no later than payday, each financial institution has its own policy.

3.4. When a direct deposit is reversed, the System requires that the money be returned to the System from the bank before a replacement or corrected payment can be issued to the employee.

3.5. If a problem occurs that cannot be readily resolved between the employee and the financial institution, the employee should contact the university payroll representative, who will coordinate problem resolution with the System Payroll Department and the System Treasurer's Office.

3.6. It is important that electronic Personnel Action Requests (ePARs) to end assignments and terminate employment be processed promptly to ensure termination of direct deposit at the appropriate time.

3.7. Employees may request that funds be directly deposited to more than one bank account as designated in P.A.S.S. Employees enrolled in the pay card program do not have the option of depositing funds into multiple pay cards. All financial information should be verified by the employee to ensure that funds are deposited into the employee's account(s) accurately and timely.

3.8. If bank account information changes, employees are responsible for updating the information in P.A.S.S. in a timely manner and should contact the appropriate university human resources or payroll representative with any questions. For security purposes, the employee must provide the appropriate previous banking information for changes to be executed.

3.9 In extraordinary circumstances, a paper payroll check may be required. These exceptions may only be authorized by the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) at each campus. Please see SAM 03.D.04 – Check Distribution for additional information.


Issued: 11/12/1992
Last Reviewed/Revised: 01/10/2022
Responsible Office(s): Human Resources