03.A.23 – Court Ordered Restitution

Section: Fiscal Affairs

Area: General

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This administrative memorandum establishes the process for monitoring and accounting for amounts owed to the University of Houston System as a result of court-ordered restitution.


2.1. As required by System Administrative Memorandum 01.C.04, Reporting/ Investigating Fraudulent Acts , the university's chief executive officer (or designee) shall ask the District Attorney's Office to seek restitution for any loss to the university as a result of criminal activity.

2.2. When restitution is awarded, the court order shall specify the university and office to whom payment shall be transmitted. The campus police department (at UH - Victoria, an office designated by the chief financial officer) shall notify the chief financial officer or designee, General Counsel, Chief Audit Executive, and the System Director of Risk Management or designee.

2.3. The Office of the General Counsel will maintain a copy of court and legal documents related to each award of restitution.

2.4. The System Director of Risk Management or designee will notify the insurance company of the award of restitution, when appropriate.

2.5. Each university shall record the amount of restitution awarded as a receivable in the books and records of the university.

2.6. Each university shall monitor the status of their restitution payments.

2.7. Each university shall communicate with the probation officer to confirm the outstanding restitution balance and to notify the probation officer and the Office of the General Counsel in a timely manner if the terms of the restitution are not met.

2.8. The Office of the General Counsel is responsible for pursuing the appropriate legal action in cases where the payment of restitution is in default and legal action is considered appropriate.

2.9. All write-off of outstanding restitution balance receivables shall be reported to the Board of Regents in compliance with Board of Regents Policy 55.05 , Write-Offs of Uncollectible Accounts.

2.10. Each university's chief financial officer is responsible for ensuring that procedures are developed to implement and ensure compliance with this administrative memorandum.


Issued: 09/18/1997
Last Reviewed/Revised: 08/04/2022
Responsible Office(s): Finance