03.E.07 – Fleet Management Plan

Section: Fiscal Affairs

Area: Physical Property

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The University of Houston System will comply with Texas Government Code, Section 2171 , which mandates that agencies and institutions develop comprehensive management plans to cover their vehicular fleet for state-funded vehicles, utilization, and mileage reporting of the "state-funded" fleet as required. The University of Houston System will respond and report directly to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA) who will act on direction from the State Council on Competitive Government.


The CPA requires the University of Houston System to submit a formal vehicle management plan for state-funded vehicles, utilization, and mileage reporting of the "state-funded" fleet as required. The plan must include detailed recommendations for improving administration and operation of its vehicle fleet.


3.1. Appointment of Manager

The President of the University of Houston System will appoint an individual who shall have overall responsibility for the planning, coordination, implementation and enforcement of the plan and may develop rules and guidelines necessary for its implementation, including the integration of the plan into the purchasing and procurement processes of each university.

3.2. Fleet Management

Each university shall have a Fleet Management function that will serve as a central communication and control point for all fleet management responsibilities.

3.3 Responsibilities of Department of Risk Management

a. Annual review of auto insurance program, which is conducted by UH Risk Management, and

b. Distribution of auto insurance card to Fleet Manager.

3.4. Responsibilities of the Fleet Manager must include:

a. Acting as the central point of contact with the state Office of Vehicle Fleet Management (OVFM), the Fleet Manager is responsible for reporting vehicle use data, responding to queries about the agency's fleet, preparing waiver requests, and conducting any other business with OVFM;

b. Making fleet management decisions within OVFM guidelines including, but not limited to: vehicle purchasing and replacement, maintenance and repair, vehicle assignments and utilization, and disposal decisions;

c. Reviewing reported inappropriate use of state vehicles; violations will be reported to the applicable College Division Administrator, Dean or VP as appropriate for disposition;

d. Distributing current auto insurance cards to the department vehicle coordinator;

e. Ensuring that current auto insurance cards are present in vehicle upon service, and

f. Working closely with any assigned Department Vehicle Managers, Purchasing Department, and the Vehicle Maintenance Shop to monitor and administer the above.


4.1. At a minimum, the University of Houston System's plan shall consist of guidelines addressing the following:

a. Number and type of vehicle and their purposes;

b. Formation of motor pools consisting of all vehicles not assigned to individual entities;

c. Specific replacement and mileage criteria for vehicles purchased with appropriated funds; as well as

d. Mandatory use of state retail fuel contracts, in-house auto shops or other methods to reduce maintenance costs, and use of alternative fuels;

e. Complete an annual review of "Best Practices" and integrated into policy as applicable to support efficient use and the reduction of maintenance and operation costs; and

f. Safety requirements such as driver record screening, appropriate driver training and restrictions regarding use of vehicles.


Each university shall confirm, on an annual basis with the Senior Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, that all reporting requirements and deadlines have been met to the satisfaction of the CPA.


Issued: 09/01/1995
Last Reviewed/Revised: 09/21/2021
Responsible Office(s): Facilities/Construction Management