05.B.01 – Principles Guiding the Operation of Intercollegiate Athletics

Section: Student Affairs

Area: Athletics

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1.1. This document sets forth the statement of principles promulgated by the Second Century Imperatives on Intercollegiate Athletics (Presidential Leadership-Institutional Accountability).

1.2. The Second Century Imperatives on Intercollegiate Athletics was created by the NCAA Presidential Task force for the purpose of proposing reform for the future of Division 1 Intercollegiate Athletics. In June 2005, the Presidential Task Force set forth to address issues in four areas: fiscal responsibility, implications of academic values and standards, presidential leadership of internal and external constituencies, and student-athlete well-being (Second Century Imperatives on Intercollegiate Athletics, p.30-32).

1.3. The Board of Regents subscribes to this statement of principles to guide the operation of intercollegiate athletic programs at all universities. The policy reference for this document is Board Policy 22.01- Intercollegiate Athletics .


2.1. The System is committed to a philosophy of firm institutional control of athletics, to the unquestioned academic and financial integrity of our athletics program, and to the accountability of the Athletics Department to the values and goals befitting higher education. In support of that commitment, the Board, officers, faculty and staff of this institution have examined and agreed to the following general principles as a guide to our participation in intercollegiate athletics:

2.1.1. The educational values, practices and mission of this institution determine the standards by which we conduct our intercollegiate athletics program;

2.1.2. The responsibility and authority for the administration of the Athletics Department including all basic policies, personnel and finances are vested in the Chancellor;

2.1.3. The welfare, health and safety of student-athletes are primary concerns of athletics administration at the University of Houston System. This institution will provide student-athletes with the opportunity for academic experiences as close as possible to the experiences of their classmates;

2.1.4. Every student-athlete, in all sports, will receive equitable and fair treatment;

2.1.5. The admission of student-athletes--including college transfers--will be based on the ability to show a reasonable promise of success in a course of study leading to an academic degree. That judgment will be made by an Academic Review Panel;

2.1.6. Continuing eligibility to participate in intercollegiate athletics will be based on the student-athletes' ability to demonstrate each academic term that they will graduate within five years of their enrollment;

2.1.7. Student-athletes, in each sport, will be graduated in at least the same proportion as non-athletes who have spent comparable time as full-time students;

2.1.8. All funds raised and spent in connection with intercollegiate athletics programs will be channeled through the institution's general treasury, or other applicable department in accordance with university policies and procedures, not through independent groups, whether internal or external. The Chancellor may delegate to the Director of Athletics the authority to approve certain expenditures by the University of Houston Foundation on behalf of the Athletics Department. The Athletics Department budget will be developed and monitored in accordance with general budgeting procedures on campus;

2.1.9. All athletics-related income from non-university sources for coaches and athletic administrators will be reviewed and approved by the university. In cases where the income involves the university's functions, facilities or name, contracts will be negotiated with the institution; and

2.1.10. Annual fiscal audits of the athletics program will be conducted. This institution will promptly correct any deficiencies and will conduct the athletics program in a manner worthy of this distinction.


Issued: 03/09/1994
Last Reviewed/Revised: 02/15/2022
Responsible Office(s): Athletics