06.B.02 – Administration of Scholarships and Financial Aid

Section: Academic Affairs

Area: Tuition, Fees and Grading Options

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1.1. This document establishes guidelines for the administration of scholarships and financial aid.

1.2. Scholarship and financial aid programs shall be administered on an individual basis according to the particular circumstances of the applicant and the policy of the particular program. These programs shall be designed to assist all qualified students who have demonstrated need and have met program-specific eligibility criteria and/or to reward students who have outstanding scholastic records or other meritorious achievements.


2.1. The University of Houston System (System), composed of 4 individual universities, is committed to providing financial assistance to eligible students through scholarships, grants, loans, employment and waivers. These assistance programs are funded by the federal government; the state of Texas; private donations and other university sources, and are subject to the regulations and restrictions imposed by the funding sources as well as other applicable law.

2.2. Each System university, in accordance with federal law, has designated the Office(s) of Scholarships and Financial Aid as the unit(s) responsible for the administration and coordination of the scholarship and financial aid program at that university. Each university Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid is responsible for notifying its campus community through an annual notification, about the criteria and guidelines, including timetables, for coordinating and awarding non-Title IV assistance. The university's Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid must provide this notification no later than July 1 of each year.

2.3. The Office(s) of Scholarships and Financial Aid is responsible for recommending scholarships and financial aid policies and procedures to the responsible Vice President or designee, and for administering the policies and procedures in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, donor restrictions, and System and university policies and guidelines. Units providing non-Title IV assistance to students by way of certifying signatures, on scholarship memoranda, purchase vouchers, waiver certifications, service center vouchers or other authorizing documents used at a System university are certifying that any donor or provider restrictions have been met and that the selected student is eligible to receive such funds.

2.4. The Office(s) of Scholarships and Financial Aid will publish and make available appropriate consumer information regarding aid programs, as required by applicable laws and regulations.

2.5. Each university is responsible for scholarship and student financial aid funds available to that university and shall, therefore, maintain adequate methods for disbursing and collecting these funds and for complying with the reporting requirements of the federal and state governments, the System and other sources of student financial assistance.

2.6. The Chief Financial Officer or designee of each university will be responsible for the disbursement and accounting control of scholarships and student financial aid funds and for the collection of loan funds. The controls used will follow the guidelines of state and federal regulations, System policy, donor restrictions, as well as generally accepted accounting principles.


The following types of aid are available to each university either directly or through donors.

3.1. Scholarships are gift aid awards based on selective criteria. Scholarship funds may be provided by university funds from the state or by outside donors. Depending upon the source of funds and the related requirements, the recipient may be chosen by university committee or by a member of the leadership team from the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. A scholarship is not compensation for services rendered by the student and cannot be used to compensate a student for employment services (including for part-time employment), which must be paid as wages.

Any scholarship administered and/or awarded by the System or a System university must comply with the System's non-discrimination policy, SAM 01.D.05 – Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Statement .

3.2. Grants are gift aid awards to students provided, in most cases, on the basis of demonstrated financial need. The various grant programs available are funded and regulated by the federal government, the state of Texas, and/or the university.

3.3. Loans are available through a number of federal programs, as well as state, private and institutional sources. Loan rates and terms are set according to the program regulations. Repayment of long-term loans begins after the student leaves school or when the student's course load drops to less than half-time. Repayment periods will vary based on the specific terms of the borrower's agreement with the loan servicer, but will typically run from 10 to 30 years.

Subject to availability of funds, emergency or short-term loans from university funds may be available for academic emergency expenses, and normally must be repaid within the current semester.

3.4. Need-based student employment through federal and state college work-study programs is funded by the federal government and the state of Texas and by either the university or a participating non-profit organization. These programs offers part-time employment on the basis of financial need to university students who meet specified requirements.

3.5. Waivers are a form of financial aid that function as a discount in price. Texas statutes provide for waivers of tuition and/or fees for certain categories of students. Waivers are administered by various areas within each UH university as applicable; the amount of a waiver is considered as a resource in calculation of a student's other financial aid eligibility.



Issued: 04/24/1998
Last Reviewed/Revised: 11/26/2023
Responsible Office(s): Academic Affairs