Miscellaneous Contracts and Forms

The following contracts and forms have been approved by Contract Administration and are considered “standard” for University purposes. In general, standard University contracts under $50,000 do not require further approval by Contract Administration and may be processed within the originating department/college. Subject to limited exceptions set forth in University policies, all other agreements typically need to be reviewed and approved by Contract Administration.

Because we revise our standard contract forms periodically based on changes in law or University policy, we strongly recommend that you visit this site each time you need a contract form - as opposed to storing and reusing forms on your computer/network, which could result in your use of an outdated or otherwise inappropriate document.

Authorization for Release of Medical Records (OGC-S-2012-09) - for the Health Center

Authorization for Use of Image (OGC-SF-2003-02)

Authorization for Use of Image (Longer-Term Activity) (OGC-S-2019-03)

Bilateral Confidentiality Agreement (OGC-S-2001-12)  - contract used to create confidentiality obligations of both parties regarding correspondence of technical and business information concerning the parties' research and development efforts

Clery Act Addendum (OGC-S-2018-06) - addendum for leases of property by the University or other contracts requiring Clery Act reporting 

Data Privacy and Security Addendum (OGC-S-2021-04)

FERPA: Authorization to Release Educational Records (OGC-SF-2006-02)

Information Security Hosted Services Contract Checklist (OGC-S-2016-03) - contract used by departments with contracts related to hosted services

Interagency Cooperation Contract (OGC-S-1998-10) - contract used between Texas state agencies; use in accordance with Texas Government Code Chapter 771

Interlocal Cooperation Contract (OGC-S-1998-22) - contract used between the University and specific agencies of the local government; use in accordance with Texas Government Code Chapter 791

Late Contract Submittal (OGC-S-2000-07)

Minor Volunteer Consent Form (OGC-S-2019-16)

Release and Indemnification Agreement (OGC-S-2013-11) - release and indemnification agreement for activity or trip on or off-campus  

Student Reference Request and FERPA Release (OGC-SF-2005-05) - student reference request and FERPA release

Student Volunteer Release and Indemnification Agreement (OGC-S-2019-17)

Volunteer Application (OGC-S-2019-21)

Volunteer Position and Responsibilities Form (OGC-S-2019-18)

Volunteer Release and Indemnification Agreement(OGC-S-2019-22)