Revenue Contracts

The following contracts and forms have been approved by Contract Administration and are considered “standard” for University purposes. In general, standard University contracts under $50,000 do not require further approval by Contract Administration and may be processed within the originating department/college. Subject to limited exceptions set forth in University policies, all other agreements typically need to be reviewed and approved by Contract Administration.

Because we revise our standard contract forms periodically based on changes in law or University policy, we strongly recommend that you visit this site each time you need a contract form - as opposed to storing and reusing forms on your computer/network, which could result in your use of an outdated or otherwise inappropriate document.

Facility License Agreement (OGC-S-2005-04) - contract used for the rental of University facilities

Services Agreement (Revenue) (OGC-S-2006-16) - revenue contract used by University to provide services to another party

UH Athletic Stadium Complex Pledge Agreement  (Revenue) (OGC-S-2012-14) - pledge agreement used for donors with the construction and completion of the stadium complex.